The Great Yarn Tour (Part 3)

tour 3 i

I will admit it, yarn fatigue was starting to set in by this point. Many little yarn shops had been visited, but most had either roughly the same selection, stuff I had, or stuff I could get at home.

Mr LouBug was boggled the first time I walked out of a shop empty-handed, but relieved that my crazy yarn lady streak did have some limits. What I didn’t tell him was that I was saving myself for the motherload. I have online shopped at Get Knitted a few times (incidentally, it was where I bought my interchangeable knit pros), so I was well aware that it had a good selection.

Unbeknown to Mr LouBug, this was the real reason behind turning down other shops. Unbeknown to Mr LouBug, I had mentally allocated my woolly pounds elsewhere. Bwahahaha!

tour 3 ii

Get Knitted isn’t located in central Bristol, it is just outside of it in Brislington. I think the shop unit used to be a “ma and pop” style supermarket. Huge, airy, well laid out and incredibly well stocked, it also included the (now necessary) sofa for Mr LouBug. There is a good selection of needles and notions (which I stocked up on).

tour 3 iii

Can I just move in? Seriously? I won’t take up much space, I don’t need a bed, I can just curl up in a pile of merino, please?

tour 3 iv

And they most definitely had sock yarn (this photo shows only one side of an L-shaped back to back shelf, with the top area and baskets on side tables).

It is rare that I go to a yarn shop that shames my stash. A stash which may or may not have achieved SABLE (Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy). I felt like someone who had just finished the Race for Life having a chat with someone who has finished the London Marathon.

tour 3 v

For four 100g balls of good quality sock yarn – £20??!?!?!! And everyone a winner! Happily they had about 6 different colourways, in various combinations, and it didn’t take me long to settle on the best combo.

tour 3 vi

This is JillyBean sock yarn (local to Get Knitted), say hello to the sparkles! I’m not sure if you can see them in the picture, but there is a sparkle thread woven in. I have used sparkle yarn on socks with no comfort problems, but given that even the best cared for socks will wear out, I feel that this has to be something more fancy. Sock yarn shawl anyone?

tour 3 vii

After applying the kind if self-restraint that defines Saints (I’m not joking, the till point had a sign offering black bags to those whose purchases wouldn’t fit into a regular bag), I settled on this pile of goodies.

Double rainbow joy came when I asked if the Ravelry discount offer was only for online purchases, and found out it also covered the shop. That effectively gave me the dark purple yarn for free! I’ll be in my bunk!



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