Zokni’d Out


I am proud to say that I have now completed one of the first (could even be the first) sock patterns I ever printed out. Flushed with the success of the famous ‘first ever socks’ (and already in love with sock yarn) I plundered Ravelry like a starving student at an “all you can eat” Chinese buffet. A whole new world of patterns and ideas had suddenly been opened to me and I dived right in.


But these socks defeated me before I even attempted to cast them on. The pin prick to my balloon of puffed-up pride. I adored the look of the socks, but felt my stomach drop at the mere sight of the lace pattern. What were these crazy things called YO, SSK, K2TOG? What the sock did the symbols mean? How on Earth could you possibly follow a pattern AND knit a sock? What crazy talk is this?


So I sighed, and focussed on easier, self-striping patterns (I finally cut my pattern sock teeth on the ever popular “Monkey” by CookieA).

A year or so later, the lovely American lady at my knit group did a yarn run for us, on her holiday trip back to the States. This gorgeous pale super soft green yarn was my prize and I went back to my pattern folder to find it a friend. Zokni (by Pepperknit) seemed a perfect match (it even looked like the one in the picture) but yet again I bottled it.   The yarn was just too nice (and irreplaceable if I mucked it up). The pattern was still too hard. But the pattern was also too perfect a match to re-purpose the yarn. Big sigh, and back into the stash it went.


And then, earlier this year a lightning bolt struck me. I realised that I was trapped in the pattern of buying nice yarn but then failing to use it, which basically left me a dream stash full of unusable yarn. I either needed to stop buying the good stuff or start using it (or failing that, accept my place on hoarders TV). So I got the lot out and consciously broke the mould and knitted a plain sock with my much coveted Jitterbug. Lightning didn’t strike, the Monty Python foot didn’t squash me and the world’s sheep didn’t suddenly go bald. Nope, all I got was some damn fine socks. So I re-examined the Zokni pattern and realised that it wasn’t as terrible as I remember. Its moment had finally come.


I have been power knitting through these (with a brief brain frazzle that meant a side track back to plain and pink socks) and now they are done. The scary ten row repeat is actually very logical and I can see it creeping into other projects as it was fun to make.


Lace socks can be hard to photograph (so bear with me) but trust me that their beauty and glory would make a poet cry. I just hope they don’t felt…














March of the #Knittedsocks


I am pleased to announce that I have now finished my second set of super-secret Christmas socks (one pair to go woot-woot!). I am now only a couple pairs of monster mitts from being Chrimbo-finbo on the knitting front.  Pictures in the new year!

Socks have been featuring highly in my half term sofa knitting (probably helped by the fact that the end of term has left me a brain dead gibbering wreck).  I am still not convinced by the red static socks (to be fair I am planning on wearing them with boots). But they are nice and soft and will fit without bunching against the laces (a massive win in the hand knit sock column).


The socks do look ok, but they are not very nice to look at while knitting, as it kind of magic eyes when you look at it.  It does say a lot about my last week that I have been carrying on with them (despite not being crazy about them) purely because they are plain and easy socks.  There is something very relaxing about blindly knitting without having to engage the brain (apart from clicking the counter).


On the flip side of the coin I have also been making headway with my green Jjitterbug socks.  It is a nice pattern (Wanida from CookieA Sock Innovation) as it is far easier than it looks.  Do not be fooled, there are no cables and every even row is plain knit, but it does create a nice criss-cross pattern which also slants the yarn colour.  As I am currently re-reading “the Hunger Games” I have decided to call these my “Katniss” socks as it does reflect the colours of the arena forest and looks a bit like the fence around District 12.


I have also finally cast on the “Zonki socks” by Pepperknit.  It was one of the first sock patterns I ever downloaded but I didn’t make them as I was too intimidated by the lace pattern.  I remember being excited over the “picture” knitting of the leaves and then being baffled about how the heck the whole lace thing worked.  The yarn has also been waiting around for a few years – it was bought for me by a lovely American student who used to come to our knit club and would take home a yarn order from us anytime she went back to the States.

Unfortunately, it promptly fell under the “too nice to use” as it was much softer than the yarns I was used to and it ended up forming the core of my pro-stash.  My stash has since grown in leaps and bounds and it seemed right to finally start to use up the “special” yarn, especially as I most definitely now “get” the lace thing!



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