Emergency SOS (Starting Of Sock)


The start of term always hits like a freight train. Forget hitting the ground running, this is more hitting the ground with commando rolls while taking heavy fire! And this is all before the kids even step through the door.

After two days of back-to-back meetings, whilst panicking about the amount of prep to be done (things you cannot do before you get your class lists and data sheets) and then re-writing lessons to react to this data…Well, if I was a smoker I would have broken out the heavy tar ciggies!

Instead I broke out an emergency sock. Normally when I start a new sock I get my sock stash out and take a happy half hour to pick and choose what I fancy doing – plain or pattern (and then what pattern). I then think what would be a good yarn match.

A leisurely piece of me-time that firmly adds to the pleasure of the whole sock making experience. This time I opened the box and grabbed the first self-striping that caught my eye with indecent haste.


Now, as close followers of my ever failing battle against stash busting know, I bought a tiny amount of sock yarn on holiday this year *cough – 10 balls – cough*. So naturally this plastic zip bag was all at the top and in my stress grab range.


But, the most lovely Opal “sweet and spicy” bought in Wells did catch my eye first.


Brain melting, head pounding, heart panicking may have been the day, but like a cold compress, all of that eased away with the simple act of casting on.

I have a basic sock recipe I use a lot (I refer to it as “candy cane” after the first pair I made with it). Nothing special, no cuff and k2p2 rib to the heel and then plain on the foot, but very comfortable to wear and good for showing off self-patterning yarn. I like it as I tend to always wear socks with the leg folded over and the ribbed leg means that you don’t get stuck looking at the back.


The question does arise though…Is this sock stress relief or has it official moved into a self-medication?



The Great Yarn Tour (Part 2)


From here to the city of Wells, a mere 10 minutes from the village we stayed in. And yes, I did visit the Book Barn (1 million books…), and no, I didn’t run up and down the aisles skipping. Well, maybe a little bit.

yarntourpart2 ii

And to Mandy’s Wool Shop. Do not be fooled, this place is a TARDIS. I will admit that I did not expect much from the outside, but by the time I walked in my jaw dropped as is just kept going back and back. I got the impression that they had secretly tunnelled into next door (or possibly another dimension) and had got away with it!

yarn tour part2 iii

They had a good selection of Opal sock yarn and I had to limit myself to just two (I could have easily bought about six). I am trying to wean myself off buying as much stripy sock yarn as I can’t do lace patterns, but it is just so pretty! The heart wants what the heart wants.

yarn tour part 2 iv

The main part of the shop was ridiculously well stocked and I had to do a good three of four sweeps through each room to make sure that I hadn’t missed anything. Basically, that is what I want my future stash room/walk in yarn wardrobe to be like! Shelves of carefully sorted yarn all neatly packed into bags.

yarn tour 2 v

So here is my haul. The Opal is charmingly called ‘Sweet and Spicey’ and had some very tempting green colourways (I held firm, I hope you are proud!). The staff are lovely in there and were very helpful with the blue yarn (no band but £1 a skein!) and helped me narrow down likely fibre and weight. I figure I will make mittens as they feel like DK wool and I should be able to stripe in some leftovers to make up the weight.

yarn tour 2 vi

I also did a quick fabric shop at Mille Moon, it reminded me of a cake shop as every time I settled on my squares, three more caught my eye. I was reasonably good, but I shall definitely be okay for bag fabric for a bit.


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