Super Chunky Super Cowl


What is one to do with this long expanse of time with frequent and “urgent” interruptions? Garter stitch, of course. In these dire circumstances, no patterns can be followed, no stitches counted and nothing complicated done.

You’ve guessed it – Defying all laws of time and motion, it is still the summer holidays!

So, here it is, my super-chunky neck warmer. My first foray into the world of 12mm needles. This chunky neck warmer can also double up as a head warmer slash shoulder warmer, so a result there. It’s in boring old garter stitch, but feels really springy and soft so I shall let it slide just this once. Thanks to ttwcreative blogspot for the pattern and inspiration.

As ever, a moment of calm please…drum roll – behold the photo montage of its creation:

Stage 1 – A couple of balls of mega chunky wool


Stage 2 – A few minutes later, ta dah!


Stage 3 – Garter stitch all the way


Stage 4 – Super fast, super chunky


Be strong reader, images of the completed item are yet to be posted. My options were poor. Option 1, a “selfie” portrait. Option 2, getting Boy #1 to try taking a shot (perhaps more able than Boy #2, but ultimately neither would give David Bailey a run for his money).

I have decided to opt for option 3, waiting for Mr KnitWit to return (under cover of darkness it would seem) and take a few shots for me. Hurray!



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