The Great Yarn Tour (Part 2)


From here to the city of Wells, a mere 10 minutes from the village we stayed in. And yes, I did visit the Book Barn (1 million books…), and no, I didn’t run up and down the aisles skipping. Well, maybe a little bit.

yarntourpart2 ii

And to Mandy’s Wool Shop. Do not be fooled, this place is a TARDIS. I will admit that I did not expect much from the outside, but by the time I walked in my jaw dropped as is just kept going back and back. I got the impression that they had secretly tunnelled into next door (or possibly another dimension) and had got away with it!

yarn tour part2 iii

They had a good selection of Opal sock yarn and I had to limit myself to just two (I could have easily bought about six). I am trying to wean myself off buying as much stripy sock yarn as I can’t do lace patterns, but it is just so pretty! The heart wants what the heart wants.

yarn tour part 2 iv

The main part of the shop was ridiculously well stocked and I had to do a good three of four sweeps through each room to make sure that I hadn’t missed anything. Basically, that is what I want my future stash room/walk in yarn wardrobe to be like! Shelves of carefully sorted yarn all neatly packed into bags.

yarn tour 2 v

So here is my haul. The Opal is charmingly called ‘Sweet and Spicey’ and had some very tempting green colourways (I held firm, I hope you are proud!). The staff are lovely in there and were very helpful with the blue yarn (no band but £1 a skein!) and helped me narrow down likely fibre and weight. I figure I will make mittens as they feel like DK wool and I should be able to stripe in some leftovers to make up the weight.

yarn tour 2 vi

I also did a quick fabric shop at Mille Moon, it reminded me of a cake shop as every time I settled on my squares, three more caught my eye. I was reasonably good, but I shall definitely be okay for bag fabric for a bit.



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