Here they are, my first efforts towards the Innocent Big Knit! I started off with the easiest pattern to get started, but there are loads of Innocent patterns to choose from.

I used 3.25 needles and cast on 28 stitches. After knitting two rows, I then knit/purled my way through an additional 12 rows before k2tog for one row and p2tog for one row. After sewing up the seam and adding a rather fetching pom pom, hey presto – and Innocent Smoothie hat!

The deadline is the 31st July 2017, so I’m going to see how many I can knit and see how elaborate I can get…



Let It Snow #knitting


I would like to point out that this photo was taken at midday! Not that I am dreaming of snow (and indeed snow days) but you never know. Cat was particularly annoyed at the cold crunchy grass and came out especially to glare at me (as humans obviously control the weather).


Bad though it maybe to be a cat, it is definitely good weather to be a knitter! As I say practically every year, all those odd looks you get knitting jumpers in mid-summer pay off big time when the temperature suddenly goes artic. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem so odd to have a large box of scarves, or a load of woollen socks. It seems perfectly normal and even a little envy generating (I think I might be at the stage when I could (in theory) wear a different scarf each day to work for the entire winter season).


But it is also the time of year for giving. Say hello to the Knitboys’ TMNT hats, complete with flip down/flip up eye masks. A sensible fusion of knitted hat with a firmer crocheted band added on at the end. The crochet has the added bonus of being double sided and the stiffness helps it stand out and not tickle the face. Naturally they were charging around the house on secret ninja missions within a few minutes, nice to see my duties as auntie fulfilled for another year!


I have learned my lessons well and each sibling pair has the same basic thing (to prevent tantrums on the day). Crucially each hat has a way of telling them apart (so if one is lost there is less of a fight over whose one is left). So, also say hello to the Curlygirls’ kitty hats (complete with sparkly bows). I shall have to hunt out a photo of the little one (barely 2 years old) wearing hers as she did look very cute.


To help the ears stick out I put a couple of hidden stitches along the triangle and some “crease” lines along the bow to help it look good. Not bad for a made up pattern!

Annoyingly, with the rush for Christmas, I forgot to get a photo of Ma-KnitBug’s socks or KnitWit’s socks. But assume that they were fabulous and brightly coloured. Mr LouBug’s super gloves will have to wait for another post, but be assured that they squeaked past the deadline.


Now time to find a knitted blanket and huddle under it!



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