All Hail the Mighty Conqueror!


The lacy cobweb scarf is done!  It was chugging along nicely but then disaster hit.  Despite being 99% sure that I bought three balls of the Kid Silk Haze, I obviously hadn’t as I ran out with one short side of trim to go.

Admittedly I bought this yarn about four years ago. Admittedly I had frogged it from a less than successful snood (and if anyone has ever frogged mohair then they can understand why I chucked most of the cast on edge in the bin rather than face hours of horror). Admittedly I should have weighed it before starting.


For anyone that is interested, it takes almost exactly 90 minutes to unthread a row from the bottom up (no exaggeration folks and it did involve quite a lot of swearing).  Strike one was when I started (a bit sensibly) by nipping out the bottom 4 inches – snipping a strand and unthreading it before frogging the start.  I then had to repeat this fiddly unthreading two more times to try to re-cover more yarn.  Each time I got heartbreakingly close to the end…but no joy.

After three goes round this I declared that the party was definitely OVER and elected to sub in yarn to cover the last two triangles.  It was either that or snip it into a thousand pieces, jump up and down on the bits and then torch them in a brazing hearth (I can do that, my workshop classroom is well equipped).

So I washed it, blocked it and it grew an impressive 20cm through careful and targeting stretching.  Job done.


Do note the dodgy colour change in the last corner.  So it is not perfect, but it is finished and it does look glam.  For the moment it is in the naughty corner because I cannot face looking at it (let alone staring at the dodgy corner).



The Sound of KnitWit Laughing…


I am anticipating a mocking phone call. I can already hear the mocking level of glee that only my dearest sister can manage when someone else is failing at something she has also failed at. After my smug casting on of a cobweb weight scarf (in a slight sibling superiority move after KnitWit gave up on her lace weight scarf), I am starting to doubt my ability to finish this.


At the start of summer I cast on this scarf from Victorian Lace Today in Kid Silk Haze. I have had it as my carry around knitting ALL BLOODY SUMMER and been working on it on trains, waiting rooms, odd minutes here and there and the occasional box-set marathon.


As a plan this has worked and I have knitted 70 patterned rows of 60 stitches per row. If this was a normal DK scarf I would be well over half way and happy. If this was sock yarn I would have a complete sock and possibly the start of the second one done.


But it isn’t. It hasn’t even knitted a full foot of scarf. The remaining ball of yarn (which seems to replenish itself in the night) is just sitting there looking pretty much as big as it did at the start. Possibly bigger.

Intellectually I did see this coming. The pattern does ask for 260 rows, in black and white for all to see. It isn’t really that shocking that with 190 rows to go that it might be a bit short.

Just because I knocked a few stitches off the width (as I wasn’t entirely sure that my stash dipped yarn was the right weight), it doesn’t follow that it will suddenly magically grow. I will continue (if only to show off to KnitWit), but this might take a little pit stop to the naughty step/box so that it can Think About What It Has Done.

I shall then peck away at the remaining 190 rows.

And don’t forget that the whole thing also has a trim…..


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