A Strange Parallel Universe


It is a strange thing, but I think KnitWit borrowed my life as well as my house last week! There she was knocking out two complete hats and here I am coming home having barely finished a row. Obviously it is the proximity to my (actually quite tidy) craft room that has motivated KnitWit (it certainly seems to have got her buying books – hee hee, so it begins!).

Similarly it must have been my distance from my stash (and the small matter of being on holiday) that cut into my knitting time.


But I’m back! And with a little help from series 3 of Downton Abby (I am nothing if not bang on trend) I have now finished my Araucania merino yarn shawl (from the lovely Sock-yarn Shawls: 15 Lacy Knitted Shawl Patterns by Jen Lucas).


I am really pleased how it has come out, but as it is worked on the long edge, I do have to admit that working 300 stitch rows did cut into my motivation as it was hard to see it progressing. Happily I finished the main lace panel and then it switched to short row increases and it then seemed to fly off the needles.


Obviously no trip to the West Country is complete without a few yarn shops, and I think I will give a post each to the main three we visited. I was reasonably restrained with all the goodies on display, but the combination of being on holiday and being weak-willed may or may not have led to dipping into the Ally Pally fund early.

Next problem is, where can I hide it?



Spring Loaded

spring photo1

Not only is it April, but it is snowing! Last Easter I took my table outside and sunned myself while getting the big Easter coursework marking done. This year I am most definitely not. Seriously, snow in April?!?!? So I have done what all knitters do in times like this, when the going gets tough, the tough start knitting. I figure the universe is highly likely to declare a heat-wave if I start knitting spring coloured things and hopefully I will be casting them off with a sigh and putting them away ready for 2014 (not huddling under blankets grateful for the new woolly things).


Obviously I have no yarn and need to go shopping (la la la I can’t hear you, there is no yarn in the yarn box). Luckily a local Vintage Fair had a yarn stall selling the most wonderful spring coloured sock yarn (well worth queuing in the snow flurries to get in). It is by The Hen House, with its gorgeous flashes of pinks, yellows and greens. I am currently torn between making socks or using my lovely new book Sock-yarn Shawls: 15 Lacy Knitted Shawl Patterns by Jen Lucas to make a bold statement shawl. The sweet agony of choice!

spring photo3

From there to a little day trip to London, in which I shrugged off museums and art galleries and managed to nip over to Angel to go to Loop. I love Loop and would happily move in and sleep under the counter, which has nothing to do with the fact that they have a whole Billy Bookcase full of sock yarn. It is such an oasis of calm in mad old London and always has something to delight.


The photo really doesn’t do it full justice, the yellow yarn is actually high-vis fluorescent yellow. It actually glows when you peek in the bag! I am torn between going for socks all the way, or teaming it up with a black and having a striped scarf. For the moment I shall just pet it and boggle at how bright it is.

The light purple is lace weight and is going to have to disappear until my birthday (bless my mum) but I think I will brave my copy of Victorian Lace Today (by Jane Sowerby) and make one of their intimidatingly beautiful shawl wraps.

The dark purple and green are destined to be a thick pair of colour work mittens (possibly Norwegian style, possibly waves) which I will use to tempt the contrary weather back to sunshine. I figure it is a win-win, and if the warm weather doesn’t re-appear I will at least have warm hands!


Until then I shall content myself with my nearly finished socks (yarn by Sparkle Duck) and dream of a time when it is too hot to wear them.


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