The Trouble With TV


Now the year 11s have gone, life is slowly returning to my evenings. This basically has opened up a whole world of trash TV to my innocent eyes! My current guilty pleasure is “The hoarder next door”, which I like because it doesn’t point and mock & doesn’t just shout at the person and tell them to throw things out . It recognises that most of these people don’t want to live like this, they just can’t do it by themselves. I have seen similar programs (notably the USA version which seems to equate bullying someone into crying with good telly). But this one seems to be more compassionate and more interested in actually helping them rather than shaming.


The downside is that it makes you look nervously at your own home and wonder if you are also a small tipping point away from having crammed rooms (with small “goat paths” through the mess) and whole rooms blocked for years. At what point do you get blind to the piles of stuff and it becomes normal?


For a knitter and crafter it can also be worrying to hear people justify having ten half-finished bottles of crusty ten-year old ketchup. Especially if you hear them use the same phrases that I occasionally use to justify my stash – “but it is useful”, “it cost too much to throw away”, “but I like it” and the dreaded “I will sort it later, I am sure it is worth keeping”. There is (of course) no way I am comparing my yarn stash to piles of mouldy newspaper, but the sight of these people’s once treasured possessions now covered in rat droppings and mould does make you stop and think. And worry. And start tidying up!


Ok, so first step is diagnosis. My stash is reasonably under control and does (mostly) fit in the box, and it has all been stored in plastic zip-lock bags with a sense of order to the groupings. However, my main problem in my craft hoard is that my project bags have started to spread. This is not helped by my minor addiction to making new bags (they are so pretty). This, and the fact that there are two main piles (craft room and next to the sofa) so that it is easy to ignore the sprawl. So plan A is to try to reduce the number of active projects down to the amount that can fit into my craft caddie.


I have already made some headway with this (the recently finished blanket and socks are a good start) and the real test will be not casting anything on until the end of term. Not casting on is the really tough part, but I shall be strong. I really can’t stress how hard not casting on is. One week in and I am starting to crumble, but holding strong. However, there is an upside to this self-imposed task, and that is the unearthing of old projects.


Like opening an ancient tomb, I have been peeking into brightly coloured bags and finding lovely things I had forgotten about. Stuff that a stress crazy brain couldn’t cope with, stuff not suitable for social knitting, or just stuff I didn’t fancy making at that point. This peeking has already yielded some pleasing results, such as dusting off the fantastic silk shawl I started in October (or there abouts). I have managed to finish another 28 row repeat over the weekend and it is starting to gain momentum. There is still a long way to go, but at least it is now moving along.

I shall not cast anything on. I shall not cast anything on. I shall not cast anything on. I shall not cast anything on. I shall not cast anything on. I shall not cast anything on.….



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