Sections in Library

1. Knitting Books for Beginners
2. Top Ten Knitting Books
3. Elizabeth Zimmermann
4. Sock Knitting Books
5. Favourite Books on Knitting Fibres

Now, before we start I have a little confession. I love buying books! When KnitWit suggested I put a book list on the blog I was at a loss, where to start? The idea of meeting up to scan and log all of my knit books worried me, as I might have to admit to myself, Mr LouBug and the world exactly how many I have. I was also unsure how my collection would look from the outside. Whim, project needs and gifts spread over a decade of book collecting have created some unlikely shelf mates (does anyone else have knitted food books next to heirloom lace books?).

My plan is to do this in themed groups with a review on each one and my favourite pattern. To launch this I have started by looking at the books I most regularly suggest and buy for beginners.



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