Okay, maybe not fame – but GLORY nonetheless!

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Sheep Shop Cambridge – Sheep Shop Cambridge

sheep shop


Let’s Knit Guest Blog Post March 2015

Screenshot 2015-03-13 13.35.09

Blog post about a Blog Post

Let’s Knit Website


Let’s Knit Issue 89 February 2015

The Bookshelf (p. 68)


Read more about this glorious Let’s Knit mention.


Deramores Blog Awards 2014, Runner-Up!

LetsGetCraftingCongrats DeramoreWebsite

“Highly commended by the judges”

Read more about the Deramores Blog Awards 2014


Knit Today Fame!


Hurray, once again I’ve got my name in print! I think I may even be in for a prize for my shameless efforts to get into Knit Today. Silly magazine, don’t they know that this only encourages me to bombard them with my every knitting effort/musing?! Read rest of blog post…


Egbert Let’s Knit Mag Fame!


My eggy Egberts have now found fame at Let’s Knit!

I’ve entered my eggy delights into their ‘Choose your favourite Egbert’ competition – yes, my vanity knows no limits. Read rest of blog post…


Ravelry Fame at Last!



Following on from my Knitting and Falling Trees musing back in February (where I basically compiled a whole blog entry on the glory of getting a teeny mention in Let’s Knit magazine), LouBug and I are back in the “blaze of publicity”.

To be more precise, LouBug has had her two free scarf patterns published on Ravelry. LouBug too has tasted the sweet nectar of success…of sorts. Hello Ravelers! Read rest of blog post here…


Let’s Knit – Part Deux


Oh how I love freaking out LouBug. Nothing brings me greater pleasure. I put my hands up to any “how immature” accusations, and revel in it anyway.

Like a knitting charlatan, here I am once again infiltrating the pages of Let’s Knit magazine – and once again making LouBug choke on her cornflakes as she casually browsed April’s issue and saw my face gurning back at her. Read rest of blog post…


Knitting and Falling Trees

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Or, more importantly, if I knit an item that nobody sees, is it slightly less glorious? Read rest of blog post…


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