Knitting with purpose

IMG_0157 (2)Bonjour dear readers. For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you may have noticed that there has been a slight blog ‘hiatus’. There can only be one of three explanations for this:

  1. 1. I have been frozen in time like Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

2. I have been trapped in a hellish Groundhog Day moment, where however much I knitted and posted, the clock set back to zero each day.

3. I have been busy and distracted and had a lapse of enthusiasm.

Hmm- now which could it be?

I’m not sure what triggered the cliff-falling-off dip in enthusiasm. The most sensible explanation would be the starting of a full-time job. The combination of that time-Hoover employment status, and the slightly uneasy realisation that my little home was slowly filling up with knitted stuff (how many woolly hats does one family need?) combined into a perfect storm of knitting apathy.

I’ve re-visited over the months and wondered and wondered how to bring the blog back to life…but with purpose. Well, now I think I’ve got it. After several years volunteering for various things, I’m back in the volunteering saddle. Whether donating knitted squares for blankets (for our fellow, chilly humans or our four-legged friends); knitting stuff to sell at fundraisers; or just championing other people’s work – I feel a sudden revival in knitting enthusiasm and purpose. Watch this space!



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