Sea of Knitted Red


I am so done with this project. An unending sea of red. Mile after mile of crochet and a row that literally took two hours to complete. Two damn hours people, which is also a lot to frog back when I ran out of the original red with half a side to go (you might have wondered what the animal like howl was you heard in the breeze). I have fudged it by doubling my substitute red with a white to hide that it almost but not quite matches (the thickness was also wrong, but the double thread compensated for this).


I did manage to keep the spirit of the stash blanket going. The trim of white/silver thread was a stash dive, as was the purple (bought at a bring-and-buy table at a yarn group weekender). It does give the edge the nice border I wanted. I am now left with a small bag of leftovers and I think I will use them to make a couple of flowers for the granny garden blanket, as it would be nice to have them completely used up.


I am now officially cured of the will to do big projects, so I am going to focus on the small and quick for a bit. Here are some photos of my new favourite winter blanket (drum roll please)…..


I do like the Doppler effect that the contrast rows give; but frustratingly I realised that if I had done 10, not 12, rows of block red then the last red block would have been the same width as the other two *sigh*. Luckily, I saw the sanity in not frogging back the whole damn thing and decided that even my infamous wish for balance and perfection in my projects had its limit.


The size isn’t very clear from the picture, and surprisingly Cat wasn’t lurking with intent, so here is a picture with a book in it for scale. After weeks of suffering under a blanket, time to do some light summery knits!




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. caityrosey
    Jul 12, 2015 @ 20:46:40

    That yarn looks like it has some fuzzy halo. Probably makes it even hard to tink back. Or whatever the equivalent is for crochet.


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