The Lure of Casting On #knitting


The best laid plans get a raspberry from Cat. I have failed to knit any of the things I planned to finish. The log cabin blanket seems to have turned into a knitting black hole (I know I am adding rows, but the damn thing seems to be the same size). The green cardi has been given an airing but I cannot face sorting out the trim, too much frogging and testing is required for an end-of-term fried brain.

I wish that I could say that the socks were now done. But I can’t as they have sat lonely to one side, this is my busy week in my two-week timetable so my sneaky lunch knitting has been impossible. Now, normally I find that as soon as I finish the heel, the foot whizzes along, especially on the second sock (I am luckily rarely hit but second sock syndrome). This is helped by my size 4-5 feet, and it always feels like I am going downhill (oddly I can find the leg section more like going uphill, go figure). There is only a few hours work left, but my TV knit time has been consumed with other things.


A couple of years ago I made this blanket for a friend who was having a baby. Of all the knit gifts I have given, this was the hardest to part with (even though it was happily received and enjoyed). I always promised myself that I would do one for me as well. Most of the yarn was free magazine yarn, or left overs, and the only yarn I bought was the black and white (as I wanted to ensure I had enough of it and that the dye lots matched).


So say hello to my version of the “Dolly Mix” blanket. I am still all about the mitre squares and I have now accumulated enough different colours to make a start. Unlike the baby blanket, I intend this to be a full-sized double bed blanket (so about 12 by 12 squares), which is a tad ambitious I admit. The nature of the mitre squares mean that I can stop at each full grid point and assess. The plan is to knit up my current range of colours and then rest the project until the autumn, by which time I will hopefully have enough to finish it. The pattern is basically cast on 41, knit 4 rows black and then finish the mitre up with about 10-15g of DK yarn.

I really like the way the black makes the colours pop and (unlike the log cabin blanket) each square takes about 40 minutes and with each shrinking row it feels like it is speeding along. Hopefully it will help to kick-start my knitting/finishing mojo!



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