March Madness #knitting


Spring is officially in the air and nature is starting to wake up. Even Cat is leaving the safety of the bed to strut in the garden. Normally I run free of the self-imposed finish-up February and start casting on like a mad thing. Except I don’t seem to be. Normally I am ruing my lack of self-control and trying to rein it back in. But not this time. This time I am all about the finishing of things.


I have no idea why, but I am going to stick to my new year’s knitter-lusions and go whereever the knitting winds take me. And right now I seem to be all committing to one project and riding it all the way home.


Say hello to the now finished mitre square sock yarn scrap pillow number 4 (free pattern is available!). It was a bit of a push to complete the last row of squares, but I did it and had enough “but I want this colour next” feelings to cast on a token square for pillow number 5. It is a nice way of using up variegated scrap (personally I break up colour repeats into separate balls), as it allows me to create different stripe combinations to my heart’s content. Clashing is good!


There is also the added bonus that the back (which looks like a hairy rug) will NEVER be seen and (as long as my knots are tight) I do not have to weave in a billion ends. Top tip, if you do have a rug-like effect brewing, try not to have really bitty ones near the edges as you will have to weave some in (they catch in the sewing machine).


So here it is, all sewn up and stuffed (tip: back the knitted part – I use the same red denim as the back). It will prevent stress on your billion ends and stop sneaky bean bag balls from leaking out. It has now been given pride of place on top of the stash box and the previous mitre cushion has been demoted to general use. Personally I love the rainbow square! It is made from seven different yarns and with eight rows per colour it fits exactly.


Happily, I think that I have used up the best part of a medium freezer bag of scraps in the process, which helps justify my hoarder-like tendencies in keeping them. “Free” yarn, hard-wearing and sweet shop colours; all with the added bonus that Cat loves sleeping on them and I can dot them around the house in the winter (and garden in the summer).   It brings happiness to the world and minimises cat hair on the sofa!

It is good to finish things!




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  1. dianelaces
    Mar 26, 2015 @ 01:42:59

    So pretty!


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