How Am I Going To Top That? #knitting


‘Happenstance’ is now finished (and strategically placed so that I can admire it from the sofa). So, the question is up there, how am I going to top it? I have been nibbling at a few projects with nothing really grabbing me, up to the point I decided to finally tidy away the yarn from the orange socks.


With me being me, I have all my sock yarn scraps neatly ziplock bagged away. In amongst the plastic bags I unearthed a neat little project bag. And in that project bag was a half-finished mitre square cushion. Hello Sweetie, long time no see!


This pattern has a soft spot in my heart (this will be pillow number four). It is the first project I made for my (then) new house (I use them for garden pillows). They are Cat’s winter sleep pillow of choice and they have (to-date) clocked over 80 favourites on Ravelry. Quick plug, it is also a free pattern on this site! Go on, down load it (there is a tutorial pattern as well if you are new to mitre squares) what else were you going to do with your left overs?


As I like to pretend there is some kind of order (even in a scrap pillows), you will notice that the squares alternate from stripes to one yarn. This has the added advantage of using up even the smallest yarn ball. The great joy with mitre squares is that as every odd row decreases, it feels like you are going faster each row until boom! you are down to your last three stitches. I get great pleasure planning out the next square (with careful tonal consideration, or just whim). I really like the “cast on kick” I get from each new square (each square takes about an hour) and the trip down yarn memory lane as my favourite sock yarn is given another outing.

So how do you top complex perfection? By simple pleasures, of course!



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