Knitted Purple Kisses


I am a little speechless. The unexpected and miraculous has happened. I have finished the purple silk shawl in a week. I shall pause to allow you to recover your composure, as it is shocking news indeed. I, LouBug, have managed to knit ONLY one thing for a week, and complex lace at that. Say hello to Happenstance (from sock yarn shawls)…


The keen-eyed might notice a white life line placed on the penultimate repeat. The good thing about indie yarn is the uniqueness, the bad thing is they can be a bit vague about yardage! Luckily they erred on the side of generous, but even then I wasn’t sure there was enough for an extra full repeat. I snuck in a life line, and knitted on with hope. Hope was rewarded and I was left with barely six inches at the end. Silk blocks like a dream and is really soft, but it is a bugger to photograph (the gorgeous sheen is not very flash friendly). And you will have to trust me that the colour is amazing, as it washes light and dark across several shades of the purple. The lace is a mix of knit and purl (giving it a nice dimensional look). You can see the arrow head lace a little better in the blocking photo.


Time for a close up!


I shall now parade around the house wearing it (complete with dramatic shoulder sweeps). See you in a few hours, hold my calls.



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