That Knitting Time Again


Finish up February is kicking into the final gear, with a good crop of results for this year. For those not familiar with this, it is the annual WIP trawl that aims to finish or frog projects that have lurked in the project box for too long. Life is too short to waste good yarn on bad projects!


I personally like it as it forces me to re-look at projects that have hibernated for so long that I have forgotten they exist. They are often things with an evening’s worth of knitting done but then forgotten. Projects like this already blogged-about owl, who languished for some time before rising from the depths of the project box, like a blue sparkly phoenix.


Projects can end at the bottom of the box for a range of reasons; sometimes they have mis-behaved (for example the gauge has been madly off prediction), sometimes they have proven too difficult for my brain at the time (lace, I am talking to you right now) and sometimes for no reason other than a newer, shinier project caught my eye. This scarf is a prime example (Lumio light reflecting yarn for the curious), less than an evening was all that was needed to finish it.

This year there hasn’t been much project pruning (as the up side to regular sort outs is that it does make you more ruthless about keeping casting on doomed projects). This was a definite high point as I made the happy realisation that everything in the project box was wanted and viable, just slipped out of sight.

Now, what else can I finish?



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