Finally…A Finished Item!


Finally…my first finished knitted item this year, and it’s only the middle of February! Who thought I could knit any slower?! Here it is though, my master-piece union of alpaca and knitting needles. Those of you with excellent vision will no doubt have noticed the outstanding ‘ends’ of the scarf. A totally different pattern done on different sized needles. Oh yes, you are right to be amazed!

Details of the Rowan pattern and yarn can be found in my previous blog post Knitted Alpaca.


It does need some sort of blocking, but it has an outing tomorrow (I’m going too…), so I will have to make do with wearing it and stretching it as I walk. This does result in slightly less blood to my brain than I would ordinarily like, what with the pulling constricting the bit round my neck in an unpleasant way, but surely everyone knows one must suffer for fashion…


Apologies for the dreadful photos – the colours, both different in each photo and of varying quality, look like I actually knitted this scarf some time in the 1970s and just dug it out from under  pair of old flares just to fake some knitting activity on the blog. I can assure you that this is not the case – perhaps next time I shall photograph my wares next to a copy of today’s newspaper.


My next attempt at knitting glory is the same scarf, but this time in Riot DK. So far it’s shaping up nicely so hold on to your hats, it’ll be ready for posting in about 2030…



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