Going to need a bigger blocking matt….


Finish-up February has started with a bang! Last week I finished my mittens and socks, today I have finished another blanket. Well, I say blanket but is more of a shawl with blanketity ideas (Slanket? Skanket? Blawl?). When I think of a shawl I think of a whisper of silk with delicate frost patterns drawn on it. This is made from Aran and more rugged than a rugby team’s away kit.


The yarn is more of the James Brett’s Marble Chunky (I used the orange colour-way earlier last year on the “Game of Throws” for Mr LouBug) and I do like the purple/blue colour stripes it creates. The pattern is loosely based on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s “Pie R squared” shawl, but I have made changes to mark the differences between 4ply and chunky. The basic pattern is a garter stitch shawl with placed increase rows (rather than increasing every odd row).


I will freely admit that it is an odd shape, but the shape is all about function. Basically, the room I do most of my marking in is dang cold in the winter and I frequently find myself wrapped in a blanket marking (all together now “ahh…..” *as the violin music plays*). But, the annoying thing is as soon as I need to move I lose my little pocket of warmth (*more violin music*). However, this clever little shawl is designed to wrap around the body without bunching up, thus allowing me to wear it rather than inhabit it. No annoying point to sit on (and pull the shawl off at the slightest movement), no mass of fabric knotting in my back and the ability to double wrap by front (rather than only keep my belly warm). Gotta love EZ, that lady knew how to knit!


Wrapped around the chair it does look a bit more normal. Mr LouBug does deserve special man points for not making snarky comments about Pride and Prejudice or Lark Rise to Candleford when first confronted with the unblocked and definitely cape-tastic view. He has since admitted to a ton of relief when I told him that it was a snuggle blanket not a thing to be worn in public.


But I think I might need to buy a bigger mat! This one was a fantastic bargain, especially considering “proper” mats are about £20 odd, and was bought for £5 in Tescos end of season sale. Each square can be jig sawed together (which is great for the long scarves) but I will keep an eye out and see if I can get another set to connect together for these bigger projects.



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