Let’s Knit Olive Owl Knit


Well, this was going to be a blog about starting the owl kit, but I seem to have finished it already! I am pleased that I managed to find some excellently co-ordinated needles (also Let’s Knit for the curious) and I have decided to call her Hooty.


The main change I made (be honest, you knew I would change something) was to crochet the eyes as I wanted the feather effect of lines fanning out from the centre. I also decided to use a piece of felt for the beak, as I know that my beak-based embroidery skills can produce some “varied” results. I am a little unsure about the buttons (a bit tiny psycho killer) but overall I am pleased.


Hooty wants to know which kit I will do next, and I am torn between doing the Angel (before Christmas completely fades from memory) and Kevin the penguin. Any thoughts KnitWit?



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