Just In (Knitting) Time


Snow seems ever closer (ok granted, the Highlands of Scotland isn’t that close), and I am pleased that the super speedy mittens have leaped across the finish line.


Started last week and on my hands today, I could get used to this crazy knit speed! They should be suitably wind-proof (as they are so thick they feel like iron) but the merino should soften over time.


I like the contrast palm chart (definitely something to do again) but I need to tweak the thumb, as nature has put thumbs on the side and not growing out of our palms! I either need to include more stitches (possibly decreasing up the thumb) or place the thumb half on the front and half on the back. Instinct tells me that afterthought thumbs have been around a while (so it is unlikely that they are all a bit odd), so it might be time to hit the books and research the technique some more.


This seems to be the week for finishing things, so say hello to my “Weasley” socks (carefully modelled by Cat). These were started just before the mad Christmas finish up with the orange chosen in self defence against the dark winter.

Perhaps I should use the left over yarn to knit Cat some matching booties….




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