Knitted Alpaca


Knitting in 2015 is back on track, after what seemed like a lengthy break. I’ve started a chunky scarf to fulfil the dual need of keeping me warm in the frozen February tundra, and being a relatively quick knit to sustain interest. It’s made from 200g of Rowan tumble 90% alpaca and 10% cotton and has the easy k1, *yfwd, slip purlwise, k2, lift slipped stitch over last 2 stitches* k1 pattern once the initial cuff bit had been done. The ‘Sandra‘ pattern (by Gemma Atkinson) came free with the yarn (bought at the Knitting & Stitching show at Alexandra Palace). With just a 20 cast on the pattern is easy to remeber.


As ever, LouBug furnished me with some knitting delights for Christmas. Plenty of chunky to keep me busy on my 10mm needles and a much coveted Faux Taxidermy Knits book by Louise Walker.


It’s been slooow progress so far this year, but hopefully I can churn out some chunky knit accessories before spring arrives. LouBug. as ever, has been a busy production line, churning out acres of knits (where does she find the time? We just don’t know…in lieu of housework perhaps…meoww!). Can’t complain though, as not only has a LouBug product kept my feet warm (see pink print socks), but also the LouBug knit factory produced amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hats to keep my sons’ heads warm as well. I shall let her dusty skirting boards off the hook just this once…





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