Let’s Knit The Bookshelf #knitting


Happy New Year knitters! After a brief hiatus, I’m back. I was buried under a pile of books somewhere trying to resurrect my brain from a 15 year slumber, long enough to complete a written assignment. My attempts at study thankfully have been fractionally better than my attempts at knitting, which sadly have taken a back seat. I haven’t been totally at rest these past few weeks, I have managed to knit this (more on the fluff scarf later):


Anyway, back to more exiting news! Behold – LouBugKnits blog post mentioned (dare I say featured) in the sacred pages of Let’s Knit The Bookshelf!! The page has since been cut out and laminated (not an uncommon thing in my world), and will be stuck to the wall of my home office forth with. Tragically nobody seems as excited as me (and LouBug), and have largely backed away as I’ve come at them waving my laminated evidence. But hey ho, it certainly brightened my day.

This blog is shared between two sisters, and there’s a little something for everyone! LouBug is an experienced knitter who has been making beautiful  projects for years, while beginner KnitWit is learning all the time.”

As part of the honour LouBug and I get to submit a guest blog post to the Let’s Knit website. I have a few ideas and have started a draft, but I have slight writer’s block as I feel it should have slightly more content than my usual blog ramblings. Ho ho ho – Happy New Year knitters!



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