Hitting the Knitting Kits


With the Christmas knitting finished on time and now safely delivered, I can now turn my attention to my backlog of Let’s Knit kits. I really like these little kits as they are cute and self-contained (hopefully I can remember where I put all the patterns!) and perfect for short-goal knitting.


I have wanted to make some of these things for a couple of years now, but either crazy Christmas knitting, or post-Christmas casting on have always go in the way. I’m sure everyone has a bit of a post-Christmas casting on frenzy; when all those big projects you dream about while knitting for others are meticulously planned, bagged and desperate to start. But the problem is that big things take time to finish and this year I have decided to give into my inner five-year old and knit a few quick things as well.


First up is going to be this angel kit. Ok, so Christmas may have passed, but it can be stored away as the chances of it being knitted next year in the Christmas run up are as tragically unlikely as they were this year. Lucky for me, my teacher instincts were firing up and sparking and I put the pattern with the kit before bagging it up!


I have now crocheted a wreath (inside is a cunningly placed foam pipe-lagging formed round a coat hanger) with shop bought pompom threaded off it. The original plan was quite ambitious but I have decided that life is too short to make 20 different designed snowflakes and I am going to settle for felt stars and the angel instead.


If the snowflakes happen in the future, well, I can easily take the stars off, but for the moment I just want it done. The only modification I am planning is to knit a base on the angel and stuff it as it will make it easier to attach to the ring. I might also include some sparkly yarn on the wings (possibly even some Crystal Barbie style thread) and I am tempted to use plastic eyes but I shall see if it makes the angel creepy!

Failing that, there is always next Christmas…



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