New Year, New Knits


The New Year is here and the temptation to do a “new year’s resolution” blog is definitely there. But, looking back on last year’s list – it all seems a bit pointless; some things got done and some things didn’t. I don’t think it made one jot of difference being on a list. So I shall resist pinning down what I should do and instead do a list of things I will stop doing.


1: I will stop worrying about my stash. Every year I try ever more complex ways of dealing with my ever-growing stash and every year it results in it getting bigger. Cold sheep, stash diets, one in – one out; I have tried them all and they invariably end with big talk and little action (and usually buying more yarn within 24 hours of declaring the plan).

So I shall embrace the stash and accept it for the beast it is. I shall accept it and instead try to improve my storage.


2: I will stop setting myself a named technique to learn. My hobby doesn’t have to have “learning objectives” and “timed outcomes” – that would be my day job! I learned a lot of cool stuff last year (mainly colour-work) and I am sure that I will learn more cool stuff this year.  But I have had the most success on new things when I have a burning desire to make a product and will obsessively work/frog until it is right. But I am going to continue to buy books on different techniques! One day my library will take over the world….


3: I will stop trying to do projects out of guilt. Guilt that they are slowly decomposing in the WIP box. Guilt that, at their current rate of completion, they will be done by 2020. Guilt that I am letting good projects go to waste. Some days call for a chunky, neon garter stitch scarf! Trying to do a complex lace-weight shawl can wait until later. After all, yarn doesn’t go off.


4: I will stop worrying about how many project I have on the go. I will simply buy more needles and row counters! My WIP box seem to naturally self-regulate, with things being finished and new things being started reasonably regularly. I seem to go through natural phases of finishing up and casting on, so my house shouldn’t go too much “the hoarder next door” with project bags.   Saying that, I think I will still do “finish or frog February”, if only as it gives the WIP box a bit of a shake-up/treasure hunt.


5: I will stop trying to enforce some kind of logic to my WIPs. No one in the entire world will care if I have 50 pairs of socks on the go. Perhaps Cat and Mr LouBug might care a bit, but only really if I started to store the projects in the fridge or the pile blocked the TV. I am forever telling new knitters that there “are no knitting police” and yet I feel that I will be judged by my WIP pile. However, I will try to be a bit more regular in my pattern filing, as I always remember good patterns I wanted to knit when I first saw them.


So happy 2015 and I hope all your knitting is keeping you toasty.



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  1. atangledyarn84
    Jan 06, 2015 @ 15:00:10

    Good for you!


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