A Christmas Miracle!


Finally, the hat…it lives! Why, you might ponder, has this seemingly easy hat taken me so long to complete? My list of excuses and distractions is long and rambling, but I would like (just for one moment) to focus on the miracle that you see before you.

Picture the scene: Small pile of essential equipment assembled, TV on, blanket over legs. It is then I chose to actually read the instructions… The “knit in the round” part had previously escaped me, and despite my brand spanking new KnitPros poised ready for use, alas they were not in amongst my small pile of essential equipment.  They were upstairs. Or on the moon. Same things as far as I was concerned parked on the sofa. So, to the first miracle. Cast on 40 on circular needles…hmm how about 60 cast on on 7mm straights? My slightly sub-standard maths has paid off – the hat fits!! Hurray! It’s a miracle!


Here’s the picture of the required hat. I wouldn’t say my efforts resembled the photo exactly, but I manage to create something that wasn’t all together unwearable, a miracle in my knitting world. So here it is, a second miracle! Considering I had to ‘translate’ the ‘in the round’ instructions to straight needles anything was possible…


So back to the original question – how has this hat taken me so long to make?

1. Studying for the first time in almost 15 years has rendered both my brain and eyeballs near useless by the evening. Exerting my rusty brain cogs plus an underlying fear that my brain cells have started their inevitable decline have meant that my evenings have been spent lying down in a dark room.

2. Christmas starts early if you have small children (the requests for Christmas decorations started the day after Halloween). It starts especially early if your kids are at primary school. Manning the school fair’s ‘splat the rat’ stall was a highlight – spending the best part of a day trying to protect my shins as a troop of 6 year olds with baseball bats tried to ‘splat’ a teddy ‘rat’ after a brief ascent down a tube. Add in a additional 5000 school fundraisers/trips out/wear you Christmas jumper to school day/carol concert and a nice lie down in a dark room is once again in order.

3. Faffing. Just general faffing. Faffing on Amazon, faffing about Christmas shopping. It’s just one big to-do list this time of year. Day time drinking and cramming in a load of mince pies is socially acceptable, at least, but all that faffing, drinking and eating does tend to chomp away at free time. Oh well, I shall focus on the new year soon and my new year’s resolutions!



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