Cracking The W.I.P


Two projects are now gleaming in the “done pile”. Mittens and jumper done, oh so many still to go!


First up. Bye bye ruby slippers. These have been malingering for over two years and re-started more times that I can remember. The fun left the building a long time ago and now it is time to pull the needles. Bye bye ruby slippers; hello yarn for fabulous red and white (with a sparkly red thread) snowflake mittens. Amusingly, the pattern I plan to use was from a pair of mittens that got pulled several years ago mainly because I kept having to restart them (the small issue of them being pulled too tight to get over my child-like hands). So maybe the ruby slipper will rise again!


Second up. Hello first finished Christmas hats! Two cat hats for my nieces to make them look extra cute in the cold weather (ears and bow to follow). Time allowing I might make some matching mittens, but if I am honest it will probably be teamed up with a teddy or colouring book.


Thirdly, I have finally cast on my Brioche scarf (you might remember that I played around with this technique about 6 months ago with face cloths). I think I have my head around it and progress is slow, but (fingers crossed) no frogging so far. I am liking the way that the purple seems to be light/dark striping up the stitches and the charcoal black is showing it off nicely. It is also ridiculously soft. Alpaca purple and blue face Lester black, combining to be so very snuggly it is a crime to put it next to a kitten (as the kitten would cry, broken hearted in jealousy).

Time to crack on!



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