Another One For The Knitting Win


Fresh from the victory of the wavy mittens, I have also managed to finish the last sleeve of my big red jumper. This was a bit of a slog (48 stitches to 125 rows in rib) but I decided to make it my only choice for TV knitting and I have powered through this week. I am now feeling particularly smug.


I am particularly happy with the way the garter/picot trim has worked (indeed I liked it so much that I picked up the stitches at the bottom and did a matching base trim).


I also like the extra wide neck opening, which looks really good with a lacy vest top on underneath.


All in all a good win! In fact I liked it so much that I broke my “no yarn buying between Ally Pally and Christmas” rule (well, more of a guideline) to get another big ball of the yarn. My logic is that the shop I bought it from is basically a curtain/sheet shop with extras, so it might not renew its contract post-Christmas (everything seems to be constantly on sale). Plus it is a good jumper yarn! A mix of acrylic and wool (so easy to care for and nice and soft). This time I bought it in a tweedy green.


I am tempted to have a leafy lace panel up the front and down the back to break up the rib (possibly the one I didn’t use on my green cardigan) . I may even go crazy and break into a bit of a Gansey cable action.

But first, I must keep on cracking the WIP.



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