Nothing New Under The Knitting Sun


So, this was to be my big blog about how I had finished my wonderful and fabulous, and of course totally unique, waving mittens. As you know, part of the knitting joy is that I have something that no-one else on the planet has (usually because I have worked it all out myself) and I have thus shown my genius and mighty skills.


Sadly, I am an accidental ideas thief! While I was finishing up my epic magazine sort out (started in the summer to finally file the patterns from my hoarders worthy Magazine Mountain) I came across a very familiar looking mitten in my “gloves and mittens” file.


The worst of it is, I think the designer (many years ago) used to go to my knit night and I do have a vague memory of her test knitting the colour-work part. This could (of course) be false memory syndrome, but I cannot deny that it is a foxy little pattern and we must have referenced the same pattern directory (although to be fair it is a classic colourwork pattern). I have used two colours (opposed to the three she has used) but I cannot deny that they are the same pattern. Pity I didn’t find it before I sweated and cursed my way through designing these!


With baited breath I “fulled” them in a little bath. I was a little worried as I noticed that the dark blue transferred dye onto my fingers when I wound up the left overs, so I will admit that I did put a “colour catcher” sheet in the sink. The water did go a bit blue, but thank fully not enough to affect the light blue parts (and barely any on the sheet).


Here is a close up of my mighty fine thumb gusset. Please ignore the subtle tension switch from main body to thumb, it should fade over time and I think it was just where I pulled a bit tight on the body and relaxed when I switched to the round of the thumb. There is also a bit of a learning curve to be climbed on how to control which colour pushes itself forward (not that noticeable in the photo, but there are patches where the light is pushed slightly forward and patches where the dark is). I shall hit the books on that, but I suspect it is down to which yarn was being held in which finger.


Next time, I think I will check the folders first…



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