Knitting For Fun


So many things it seems, in life, are a means to an end. Part of a bigger picture. An arduous and tedious path to get to where you want to go – the glorious finishing line! Most goals in life are worth this battle – the destination, rather than the journey. Knitting cannot be one of these things! This pursuit has to be exempt from this way, otherwise I shall be throwing my needles from the nearest roof top! If the journey and the destination are not equally as fun, then I’m just going to toss whatever knitted horror I have landed myself with and not glance back. This knitting lark is not for the greater good, or ‘character improving’. It is sacred and shall be preserved as purely fun, fun, fun! There are no rewards, promotions, exams or marks! With this revelation in mind, and having abandoned the lengthways scarf soul-sucker, I have been busy knitting things that have brought me great joy (and a few compliments thanks to the lumio green scarf).

First up is the Christmas pudding. Literally a pointless knitted item, but look at its great beauty!


It can join all of my other pointless knits, which shall eventually make a Christmas pointless knits break-away unit.

Next up is the compliment gathering lumio green scarf, twin to the bright orange lumio scarf. In fact, they are identical except the colour. This is less pointless, as it has been keeping my neck rather warm, but was a joy to knit (which is a direct example of what I was withering on about above!).



The knitted poppy (as shown in the first photo) was also great fun to knit, so ticks both the fun and reasonably pointless boxes. It will only be worn on my coat for a few days to commemorate allied losses in the First World War, then will be stored and probably forgotten about.


Good luck with all of your random, but fun, projects. Be brutal and ditch all of the soul-sapping, boring or hard-slog WIPs. Do it!



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