Knitting All The Things…


Autumn is in full blaze and it won’t be long before winter starts thinking dark thoughts. And so, I now find myself in need of all the things I started to knit in the hazy summer days. Now, you might have gathered that I have a bit of a strained relationship with my WIPs, some of whom I have barely spoken to or looked at in months. Others get doted on for months and then suddenly forgotten and others never leave my side until they are finished (I think they make the other WIPs jealous). There are even the strange few that I adore so much that I immediately cast on a twin (which invariably then gets forgotten).


Ally Pally is a good motivator, as I often see things that inspire me and I want to make (and then invariably realise that I actually saw them – and started them – last year). This then leads to an all points search for it and I start going through the WIP box and bag check everything. For me this is usually a bit of a reality check (up there with a full stash search, pack and sort) as I find things that are quite cool and I want to work on them.

A lot of my projects manage to stay near the top of my project box (and so stand a chance of ever being finished) but far too many seem to have slipped through the gaps in my attention. And I am resolved to power through them and try to add at least an inch to every project. It may not sound much, but it just might be enough to start a completion frenzy for that lonely little project.


So, to help shame me into finishing things, here is the list of bagged and started projects for the world to see:

*deep breath*

1. Four pairs of socks.

2. Two shawls.

3. Two cardis.

4. One jumper.

5. Two blankets.

6. One pair of mittens.

7. One brioche scarf.

8. One mitre square pillow.

9. One sock weight scarf (scrap down).

10. Two TMNT hats.

11. Two hello kitty hats.

12. Three pairs of Christmas socks, a dinosaur, a penguin, an angel, a small teddy, a reindeer and snowflakes for an already crocheted wreath.


Some of these are Christmas knits (and on the schedule for half-term), some are small silly things (I do love the Let’s Knit kits) and some are serious projects that will need a hefty chunk of time.

Time to start knitting!



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