Baby, It’s Cold Outside…The WIP Box


I really want to start playing with my new Ally Pally kits (teddy, Coast blanket and Latvian mittens). Two things are stopping me at the moment – First the need to wind the yarn into yarn cakes (I love my ball winder); second the sheer number of WIPs. As mentioned, things have got a little out of control in my WIP box and I am committed to having a bit of a knit down to try to finish things, while it is still cold enough to wear them! I am resolved; I will re-boot some stalled projects, inject new life into the forgotten and just plain peck at the hulking heap of WIPs.


In my last post I publicly admitted all of the projects in my WIP box, and now I would like to show you my first finished. This isn’t too much of a surprise, as I love the fluromania colours, pattern and (let’s face it) socks. Also (to be fair) they were pretty much done! But here I am, one less to go and not auto-casting on another (like a chain smoker in a 1960s action movie). I am also edging closer to finishing the red jumper (one sleeve done, next one picked up and 120 rows to go) and the green cardi (no new progress, but only the trim to go).


But, let’s face it, these projects were already surviving near the top of the to-do pile and don’t really count amongst the legion of stalled projects. To help edge the poor forgotten knits along, I am also committed to knitting at least an inch on every stalled project (which might help re-boot my interest). First up in the re-boot is my wave pair of colour-work mittens (hey, I want to knit mittens, let’s go with that vibe). I even wound the yarn in the same way they did in the book (inside each other) as this apparently stops it tangling (after some snarl ups, I am not convinced and I plan to rewind them into separate balls when the first mitten is finished).


These came bouncing, puppy like, into the WIP box earlier this year after finishing my lovely green and purple pair. These won my heart as I successfully did a complex stranded pattern without messing it up or leaving it to quietly decompose in the corner. Flush with success, I decided to make another pair, but when I bought the yarn I made a rookie error and chose the colours without considering the weight. The lovely purple pair was DK (4mm DPN), the wave pair is 4ply (2mm DPN). Which is great for the pattern, as it allows more wave repeats, but is twice the number of stitches per row and easily twice the number of rows.


Snails have moved faster than this knits up. Not since the glacial slowness of the double knitting star scarf (shortened to a snood) has progress felt this painful. It does look epic, it will be super snug, and it even has a foxy little thumb gusset, but I need to seriously re-set my knit-expectations. It will also be good practice, as the lovely Latvian mittens will be on a wincingly small 1.5 DPN (so small, I will have to buy the needles, as even my mammoth hoard doesn’t have them) and will be equally slow progressing.


There is also the small matter of the other three socks. The colour-work sheep socks I think might be better after the mittens, the CookieA heart socks are a tinsey bit involved, which leaves me the long forgotten Ruby Slipper socks. These will look excellent (basically they will look like I am wearing ruby slippers with white ankle socks on) but they have been re-started so many times, due to changes in ankle pattern, approach and frustration. The new plan is to now follow the EZ moccasin sock pattern and hopefully they will actually happen. If not, they will be formally frogged and the yarn re-purposed to make tiny Christmas decorations.
As long as the siren call of the sock stash can be quelled….



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