Felted Booties


As part of my quest to unearth the useless, but salvageable, knitted items that I have clocked up recently I decided to try a little experiment. My two monster knitted hats were saved from a fate worse than frogging by the simple addition of a pom pom (plus a trimming extravaganza for one of them). Lo, they are back in the fold; fully wearable and saved from the knitting scrap heap (image of their glorious return below).


This latest knitted booty salvage effort required more thought and planning though, and a little experiment. The knitted booties were fit for a poor unfortunate born with flippers instead of feet. My size 5 feet just don’t cut it and for health and safety reasons something had to be done. My overriding urge to just chuck them on a hot wash and see what happens, was reluctantly replaced by a more scientific approach. I dug out the last remaining scraps of the Rowan chunky yarn and knitted a test square, carefully measured it and then chucked it in a hot wash to see what would happen.







Safely protected from the rest of the washing inside a pillow case, this 100% wool shrunk and felted as I’d hoped. Not a massive reduction in size, but enough evidence to commit the two carefully crafted booties to The Machine.







The boots do feel more sturdy, and certainly more snug and grip around the ankles a bit tighter. All of this reduces my chance of skidding down the stairs and breaking my arm, so a result! Mission accomplished.



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