Mighty Brighty Knitted Fluromania Socks

Mighty brighties5

My love of fluromania continues, with the soon-to-be completed “Refresher” socks. After the pink and blue “Slush Puppy” socks, I decided that the long colour stripes needed a bit of a lift to help them show themselves off in all their glory.

Mighty brighties2

So I decided to do a candy cane cuff-less 2×2 ribbed pair. And then suddenly I wasn’t. I am not even sure how it happened, but the more I looked at the 10 row of rib, the less inspired I felt towards them. So, I finished another 10 rows, called it the cuff and then it was time to hit the books and find something more zappy.

Mighty brighties3

It was a hard balance to find, the bright colours and stripes would “noise” out any complex cables or lace and so I hunted high and low for the perfect balance. Goldilocks has nothing on my search for too hot, too cold and finally just right. But my ridiculously well stocked book shelf served me well and a happy hour was spent weighing up the various merits of different patterns.

Mighty brighties4

I found in this quiet little pattern (which I had considered in the past for man socks) in Charlene Schurch’s “Sensational knitted sock”. It is a nice two row repeat, with a little tbl action to keep things interesting. I like the way it gives a texture without changing the stretch or stripes. I have tried on the first one and it also feels quite nice as the bumps add a nice texture. It reminded me of a pair I once wore to death when I was junior school little (and knee high socks seemed a good idea). Obviously my love of socks embedded in me from a young age

Mighty brighties5

I decided to name these “Refresher” socks as they really reminded me of the 1980s packaging, and 1980s me wearing those long-gone (but not forgotten) socks. Fingers crossed the colours stay bright for a while (Regia is quite good with that) and I can glow my way through winter.



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  1. andresue
    Oct 17, 2014 @ 15:25:09

    I love your new socks! And, perfect choice in stitch patten. The colors in the socks are fantastic and would have matched perfectly with a well-loved shirt I wore to school in the 80s! 🙂


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