(Wo) man With A Knitting Plan


Much like LouBug, I entered the knitting world that is Alexandra Palace Knitting & Stitching Show with A Plan. No random purchases for me, oh no. Unless it had a specific use, or indeed actually came with a pattern, my purse was to remain shut. Even more remarkable than this optimistic endeavour, was that I actually stuck to it. I even had a list on my phone of projects, so that I didn’t get carried away and start ignoring the fact that I’d have to live to at least 150 years old to complete all of the listed items.

As ever the show has sprung me back into knitting life, which was much needed after a sorry attempt at a lengthways scarf turfed me into the knitting doldrums – see the horror mess evidence below…ughgh. I have no idea what happened, one minute knitting along, next disaster. It wasn’t really looking that good anyway, and like a self-improving book that is actually quite dull and hard work (but you feel you have to plug away at anyway), I made the decision to bite the bullet and downed my tools.



Who cares anyway, when you have a great new list to work on! Move over rubbish scarf and behold The New List:

First up was our supermarket sweep of the Loveknitting Ltd stall. This was by far my favourite place (where most of my cash was spent!). As per ‘The Brief’ I kept my eyes out for yarn with a plan, or for stuff to somehow salvage past projects that had gone terribly wrong.

Number 1 – The giant horror hat.

Why I kept knitting I just don’t know, but the 4 foot long hat went way beyond the “slouch” look I was going for. Cunningly I decided to fold it in half, to hide all the extra knitting. Unfortunately it make my head extra big, which just won’t do. Into the box it went never to be seen again. A light bulb moment occurred when I realised I should just cut the thing in half, that coupled with my Ally Pally pompom buying frenzy = great hat! Hurray! Loveknitting Ltd didn’t know what hit them when LouBug and I breezed in like a small pack of bloodhounds. The Lumio had caught our eye but it was the pompoms that made my day. The man serving certainly had a look of bemusement as I piled the things up by the till. At £2.59 each though, they are genius at hat transformation. Evidence below!






Number 2 – Again, another horror hat.

This time the body of the hat wasn’t the issue, the giant pompom was. £2.59 later, and hey presto! A perfect hat!





Number 3 – Great new hat!

Above is the pompom loot. The fluorescent one doesn’t have a home yet, but the pink one has matching yarn (plus a matching pattern of course!).


Number 4 – Lumio scarf (again…)

Lumio was also in the basket, at £6.16 for the ball (which is enough for a scarf). I made a great scarf out of orange Lumio a while back (see below), which is my favourite item to wear at the moment. I intend of knitting an identical one in green, in fact I’ve already started!



Number 5 – Rowan scarf

This Rowan tumble was from the Black Sheep Wools stall. Lessons have been learned from last year’s “yarn surfing” frenzy where I got carried away and bought huge amounts of yarn (that I still have most of…). Even LouBug was restrained, sticking to her list. We went for a more ‘Navy Seals’ approach, rather than just scattergun. I homed in on a couple of balls of this lime green Rowan Tumble, great colour and (yes, you’ve guessed it), it came with a free scarf pattern!





Number 6 – Knitted Santa

Red sparkly DK for my red sparkly knitted Santa.



This was accompanied by a pile of bargain knit magazines (including a Christmas one with a load of free stuff). Watch out tasteful clutter free home, you’re about to be yarn-bombed with a load of knitted Christmas items!






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