Spring Green Knitted Cardigan


Well, the dreaded lergy has finally let me out of its snotty embrace and now I am bouncing back with the energy of a chilli fuelled supernova. As you might have gathered, my attention span on my knitting is either caffeinated kitten or laser ninja. The has resulted in an on-going battle to find free needles and row counters, as even my mighty collection of both groans under the number of WIPs. I sort of solved this over the summer by buying a new storage box (solved is a loose term; solved as in “I no longer have them stacked in a heap” but not solved as in “reduced the number of”).


The latest laser focus has been on my big green cardi. This is based on the same basic recipe as my purple cardi and is looking to be a good wardrobe staple. Although I am stuck on what buttons to use (the ones pictured are the current contenders) it is chugging along nicely. Annoyingly, I cannot actually show you the cardigan, as it is in a bunched up heap – the trim stitches are held on a circular needle. The suspense will just have to be held until it is finished!

I think I have now cracked a good basic cardigan recipe for my supermodel like frame (stop sniggering KnitWit!). It fits well over my ample frame and I am pleased to report that the yarn has previously proven itself over a number of 30 degree wool washes (Rowan Calmer for the curious). This is made from the same yarn and plan as my purple cardi, which I adore, and was very happy to discover (after a deep sea dive into the stash, safety lines were both used and needed) that I had a packet of Calmer in a nice spring green (also Ally Pally – Blacksheep yarns we love you!). The added bonus is that my basic cardi pattern uses about six-seven of the ten balls, which opens up the idea of a nice stripy bonus cardigan. All I need is a couple of balls of a complementing colour (I’m thinking grey) to soften the two bright colours. Fingers crossed that this year’s Ally Pally supplies me with it!

The basic body and arms are now built, but I am in a bit of a quandary about the trim. I like the wide rib trim on the purple one but I am reluctant to make an exact twin as there is something nice about each one being unique. Originally I wanted a leaf theme, but the closer I get to knitting it the more problems I can see. First and foremost is my issue about getting the trim to be symmetrical, and I cannot find a mirror twin pattern I like with leaves. By mirror twin I mean that the left-hand-side has leaves that leans down and it is mirrored with the right also having leaves pointing down. This sounds obvious, but most patterns would end up with right side down and left side up, which is okay but not what I want.


While plotting and planning this, I tripped over a nice mirror pair of lace mesh in my Barbara Walker pattern directory, which I have applied to the sleeves. But (admit it, you saw a “but” coming) it would fail on the trim because the reverse side is obviously different from the front. This will make the back of the collar (which would be seen as it flops over) look badly finished which would annoy me.

So the search is still on. I want a mesh lace panel that looks similar on the front and back and either has an identical left/right bias or is central. Desperate times have led to actual planning, and I am currently test-knitting mesh panels to see how they look (because even I cannot face knitting at least ten rows of a pattern which may or may not work on an edge with well over 200 stitches in it).

Unless, of course I get distracted…



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