Let’s Knit Baarbara The Sheep


Just a quick one as the crazy start of term workload monster is tapping at my door. For once this isn’t a picture of Cat, this is a cute little sheep knit from the Let’s Knit kit “Barbara”. I was in the mood for a quick win, and I have been meaning to work my way through the bag of knit kits I have been hoarding.


A lesser person would remind everyone that KnitWit also made one, even she admitted that hers has a slightly mutant quality to it. I will leave it to her to decide whether or not to hyperlink to that post…..

(KnitWit: Ok, fine – here it is! It may look like this sheep has grown up near a nuclear power station, but it photographs well!)

KnitWit’s Sheep


For now, I will pet my new fluffy toy and see what other quick wins I can fit in among the start of term work-nado currently blasting through my evenings.


I wonder if I have enough fluffy yarn to make a black sheep…..


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