Woolly Outings x 3


A few years back there was a knitting extravaganza, right on my doorstep. Did I notice? No! I probably had my head in a nappy or some such glamorous pursuit. Look at me now though, on the ball! There are three exciting knitting things coming up, and I’ve finally had the time in life to read the whole article about said knitting event in full. This may sound minor (or conversely unobtainable for those with babies/toddlers), but reading whole articles uninterrupted really is a giant leap for mother-kind.

So, first up – the big one. Alexandra Palace – The Knitting & Stitching show 2014.

8th-12th October 2014

“The Knitting & Stitching Show is the definitive event for anyone with a love of stitch and crafts. Whatever your craft passion it is the perfect place to find inspiration, learn new skills and shop for all your essential supplies. Tickets on sale now!”

This is the highlight of LouBug’s year (no, really). The show that gets her in her car as she takes the white knuckle ride round the M25 all the way to North London. She then proceeds to spend every penny she has, load up her car, and when she gets home…deny, deny, deny! Luckily Mr LouBug has a PhD in philosophy, so he is thinking far higher thoughts and hasn’t time to dwell on the dent in their finances. I usually come home with bags of chunky yarn, ready for those essential snoods and scarves that I definitely need in every colour…

black sheep

Monday 6 October 2014 – Sunday 12 October 2014
From the 6th-12th October, the biggest celebration of wool returns for the annual Wool Week 

Am not sure what to expect from this, all I know is the big John Lewis in Oxford Street had exciting things last year, so I may go and have a look. Last year they had a load of knitters in the window knitting their way around a plain white room setting. Will be keeping my eyes peeled.


Fashion and Textile Museum

There is an exhibition on at the moment at this museum called Knitwear: Chanel to Westwood which runs from Friday 19 September 2014 until 18 January 2015. According the blurb it features inspirational vintage fashion knitwear from the 20th Century. It certainly leans towards the more high-end and glamorous end of the knit, as opposed to the lumpy winter knitted jumper end. Perhaps some inspiration before heading the Alexandra Palace?



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