LouBug’s Back!


Term has started and normal service should resume on the blog. A new school has opened up the interesting question of when should I let them know about my crazy knitting habit? I might hide it for a bit (as I tend to blog rather than knit at lunch these days) until they have got used to me. Until then I shall keep on crafting on the QT!


Summer has been a funny one this year, with surprisingly little knitting going on. I blame the general oddness of leaving a job I have had for the best part of a decade, and the resulting freak-out, which has made sitting and knitting for any length of time difficult.

On the flip-side my kitchen has never been so clean and I re-decorated my studio! The best way to channel this lightning storm of energy was to turn to crafts that require more of my focus than knitting (so less brain space for freaking), so I have been mostly cross stitching. I will admit that I have always been a little lost with what to do with finished cross stitch, I have always enjoyed the basic process but I am not a massive fan of framing them as pictures. I had started putting them on project bags (win-win), but then I stumbled across this frame kit in my LYS and it seemed a perfect match. A plan was hatched and so, first up on the finished list, here is this cute little sheep coaster cross stitch combo.


My plan is to make a set of these coasters (different pictures but all circled with coloured felt) and finally work through some of the mini kits I seem to have stock piled.   Depending on feedback, they might even edge towards the Christmas gift pile, however, Mr LouBug has already firmly turned down one so I might play it safe and stick to socks.


My big finish of the summer, I can happily report, is the great yellow duck. I started it about three years ago and it has finally been finished!

Words cannot describe the relief to finally finish it, fun though it was I think I will stick to the mini kits for now. I decided to put it on a big project bag, and I think it works well against the pink. Remembering the “fun” I had fixing a previous patch (that was a good 1cm off centre), I took my time getting this on. I am proud how well it has turned out.  I was so impressed by this feat of stamina and stubbornness, that I have strategically put the bag out so that I can admire it while knitting. The red jumper that had been hibernating in the bag has now magically become a go-to project.

back 5

I started this jumper earlier in the year (I think this was an accidental new year yarn buy) and based it on my big grey jumper pattern. Don’t worry folks, by the time it blocks it will fit my delicate frame (at the moment it looks like a good jumper for Jack Skellington). I have faith in my working out.

So if you hear a strangled yell of pain in about two weeks you know to send chocolate!



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