Tangoed By A Knitted Scarf


Here’s my latest effort – although, as ever, these terrible images just do not do this scarf justice. It’s orange. Really bright orange. Not even Peter Andre could match this shade, and even if he could I bet his skin doesn’t have light-reflecting particles in it, so there!

It is the same yarn that I used for the day-glow light-reflecting woolly hat earlier this year, the one with the pom-pom the size of a melon. When I put said hat on my young son’s head, his poor feeble neck could hardly hold it up. That pom-pom was heavy.

I deemed it too daft to wear myself, so duly gifted it to my first-born son. Who looks daft now though? Me with my mad high-vis scarf nicely matched with my six-year-old’s day-glow head…ho hum.


Anyway, now for the science bit. I went for a slightly altered version of the open work infinity scarf I made a while ago, pattern taken from Knit 1 LA. With a 12 stitch cast on, it was easy to memorise the pattern and not mess up (in fact there isn’t a single mistake in this scarf, woop woop!). I even managed to complete a large chunky in the gloom of the cinema whilst watching Mr Peabody & Sherman.


Row 1: Sl 1 (slip stitch as if to purl), *K1, (yo, k2tog) twice; repeat from * end k1
Repeat Row 1 every row until you have enough yarn left to bind off.

(Pattern thanks to Knit 1 LA)


I left this scarf as a scarf, rather than a cowl, so didn’t sew the ends together. It definitely looks better this way, and the open knit makes it appear less bulky. The original infinity scarf was made from much chunkier yarn, but even with the open weave, it was still very, very chunky!




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