Mad Hatter And The Giant Knitted Hat


Oh yes, looks normal doesn’t it? Well – ta dah – it isn’t! Beneath this lovely (birthday gifted yarn – thanks LouBug) cabled and ribbed woolly hat is a crazy inner layer. Not on purpose, natch, but out of necessity.

Despite my best efforts, this hat came out HUGE. My first guess would be dodgy yarn substitution – which is a slight triumph over my last dodgy yarn sub, in the sense that at least this product is still just about wearable, and not teeny tiny doll size. Still, one cannot go around looking like a slightly bonkers Smurf, can one? Smurf was not my deduction by the way, but rather words uttered from my four-year-old’s as-yet-unable-to lie mouth. So assuming that he speaks the truth, the hat had to be ‘dealt with’.


I tried numerous jaunty angles and styles, all as hideous as the next. The only way to make this head-warming-delight even slightly ok was to basically halve it. So, I turned the bottom half into the top half, which by some stroke of luck just left the lovely new yarn on view, and has hidden the older, duller yarn.


One the one hand, I can see that braced against the bitter arctic winds of the upcoming winter I shall be exceptionally toasty. On the other hand, this additional woolly padding does make my head look exceptionally large. Not Cindy doll large, but just enough to give me an Ally McBeal edge.

To counter this unsightly look, I’m going to fashion a large pom-pom to sew onto the top to balance out the width. Perhaps even a pair of 1980s shoulder pads would work, or one of those jackets that look like boiler lagging? Until the weather turns, I still have time to source one of those Puffa jackets from my youth – do they still exist?

For those of you who are tempted to give this a go – the pattern was Tala from Rowan’s Easy Winter Knits and the bright pink yarn which slowly goes into black was Katia CAP ‘junior’, colour 64. Bon chance!



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