Sock It!


The pre-summer hoard clearance has had a mixed success, with a number of projects finished (I will tot it up for a future post) and I really did resist casting on! Which obviously led to a massive glut of casting on as soon as summer hit, so I still don’t have any free row counters! I think I might formerly give up on that goal now until February and just buy a bunch of row counters. Why fight the inevitable!


A clear winner of this finishing frenzy has been Mr LouBug, as he scored a new blanket AND a pair of socks. I am pleased with how the timey-whimey socks came out (trekking sock yarn for the curious) and I like the way the colour flashes look like a temporal vortex in Dr Who.


The only down side to knitting these was the curse of dark yarn. We have all been there. Grab out you knitting at knit night only to discover that the pub lighting is not good for dark yarn and then having to peer like “granny who forgot her glasses” all evening. Not a good look, but worth it all to see his face (and then the look of sadness as he realised that the blazing sun was not sock wearing compatible). Bless him that he wore them for a good 30 minutes before I insisted he took them off before he melted.


On a more selfish note, work has begun on my summer neon socks (fluro-mania we love you). Originally I was going to knock out a basic rib candy cane sock (no cuff, k2p2 to heel and then plain) but the yarn needed a little something-something more so I threw in a cheeky texture pattern to add interest.


I have often seen this in pattern directories and overlooked it as too blokey, but I am really impressed with how it works with the neon stripes. One to bank for future use me thinks.


Needing an easy sock to take along with me, I dug out some less eye watering yarn (Opal “Vincent Van Gogh”) and did do a basic candy cane with them. I am only half convinced over the colour wash (as the blue colour-way ones I did for Mr LouBug were much better) and they are unfairly placed next to the neon socks in my project box.


Perhaps they will shine a little more when autumn makes burnt orange and mute colours more perfect.


I will confess that I did buy a little more yarn this holiday (not as bad as last year though!). More on that later, but a shout out to Loop, IKnit and Sharpe Works and thank you for being lovely!




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kialtho
    Aug 26, 2014 @ 17:14:04

    What is the yarn you used for the doctor who themed socks? That looks amazing!!


    • KnitWit
      Sep 02, 2014 @ 12:08:30

      Will get LouBug to answer – first day in a new job today, so she’s otherwise engaged! KnitWit


      • Kialtho
        Sep 02, 2014 @ 12:20:14

        Haha, no worries. In my excitement at seeing the yarn (it will be perfect for a project I have queued) I didn’t realise that LouBug had been really smart and awesome and cleverly put in the brand when she first wrote the blog. There’s nothing like me being dim and *then* finding out the answer lol. Hope she has a good first day 🙂

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