Double Rainbows All The Way!


Ok, so a bit of a cheat as this was finished just before I broke up, but all hail the mighty (and re-named) “Double Rainbow” shawl (pocket gods anyone?). Pinned out for blocking, it looked so much like the rainbow level of Mario cart that I couldn’t resist finding a LEGO car to complete the photo. Obviously this is why it knitted up so fast, it must have hit a booster bonus puzzle box!


I will admit that this scarf is one of the few things making me wish September closer, as I cannot wait to wear it. Being made from 4ply sock yarn (just 100g, stash dive bargain!) makes it light and wafty (so more a glamour scarf than a heat grabber).

I love, love, love the pattern (“Summer Stream Scarf” by Asami Kawa). I will admit that it took a little while to feel the love, as it is knitted in two halves and grafted in the middle (so each row is twice as long as it should be). And there were hard words said to it on the small subject of yarn colour jumps (the saga of correcting it still leaves a small twitch above my right eye).


I think you will agree that the hard work of splicing and matching have paid off and I have successfully matched the colours from left to right.


I am even pleased with how well the middle graft went (which was always going to be a dodgy bit). Admittedly, I did have to re-do it a couple of times, but with some aggressive blocking I have made it as subtle as possible.


But, who is looking at the middle when there is this excellent lacy trim to pet?

Now all I have to do is seek out some arctic level air-con so that I can justify wearing this early!



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