Happy Feet


Hmmm, not so much Happy Feet – more like Hot Feet! It was hotter than the sun in the back of the house yesterday when I took this photo, but one must suffer for one’s art. Heat stroke aside, these man-sized monster booties are a combination of triumph and despair. The triumph is, of course, that they are even finished. This has come at a cost. The precise cost was £13.99. I was mugged at the local toy shop for a box of rubber bands (or Loom Bands to be exact, which were probably manufactured in the Far East for about 10p).

Ho hum, who am I to complain when that £13.99 bought be hours of peace and quiet as my offspring busied themselves making lurid bracelets. Plus side being their hand-to-eye coordination, concentration levels and pincer movement are now A Grade…downside is we all now have matching fluorescent bracelets to wear. A bit like being in a cult.


Anyway, I digress. Rather than using this time to cure cancer or something useful, I used it to blanket stitch my booties together. They do have a distinctive “home-made” look about them, and they are actually massive. Mr KnitWit tried them on, after much duress, and had a slight panicked look about him when I suggested they were a much better fit for him. Another plus is their “danger” element. Life on the edge. Boy #2 succumbed to this danger and before I could say “mind the slippery floor with the iceskate booties”, he came crashing down on the wooden floor.


All in all, I think these woolly delights are better suited to a) carpet and b) bed. I don’t think the soles would stand up to the demands of general slipper wear and it would be tragic after all of this time for them to fall apart. I shall neatly pack them away (by that I mean put them on display for all to see) until such time that my icy extremities need hiding from the world.

The pattern was from Aneeta Patel’s book “Knitty Gritty”.



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1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tania
    Aug 08, 2014 @ 10:46:10

    They look extremely cosy!


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