Star Wars Cushions


Where o where is LouBug? At least I have an excuse for my blog abandonment (not much knitting can be done when one is buried under ones own children whilst whining “is the summer holiday over yet?!” – Answer: not even close). I have my fears that LouBug is having fun somewhere and in the giddy excitement of vest tops and factor 30 suncream has forgotten all about her responsibilities!

Our annual house-swap is complete, which for me means spending all the kids’ icecream money in her well-frequented wool shop. For LouBug this means spending the equivalent of a mortgage repayment in expensive London yarn shops (a nosey look in her bag when we finally met up revealed two lots of fancy looking yarn at £25 each nestled amongst many other things!).

Anyway, my attempt at knitting some arm warmers with my newest loot has not worked out well, and I am now on the hunt for a more suitable (easy) pattern. Check out the pretty colours though:


With this frustration zipped away for the time being, I thought it high time I tackled the dreaded sewing machine. I was kindly gifted this Singer machine when a good friend of mine was getting ready to emigrated back to Japan. The move was postponed indefinitely, but I was assured I could still keep the machine! Grand plans to create wonders with my machine and the long-ago purchased Ally Pally material were only thwarted by my crushing lack of skill, but I have decided to tackle this gaping gap in my knowledge. After chucking the instruction book across the room and deciding it would be easier to propel myself to the moon in a cereal packet rather than thread the evil thing, I turned (of course) to You Tube. Several competent and perky Americans confirmed what I suspected, that it is actually very easy to use. So away I went – and here are the photos to prove it:

Stage 1: Woman versus Machine:


Stage 2: Pin fleece backing to fancy Star Wars material:


Stage 3: Turn the air blue and thump machine several times as it unthreads the needle over and over! Manage to soldier on and ponder for a while how to get a cushion into a sealed square. Decide to create a pillowcase effect (zip option not an option!):


Stage 4: Cushion complete and hand-sew flappy bit down to stop small hands stashing things in the cushion case:


Stage 5: Do it all again for pillow #2. One cushion for 2 boys just doesn’t fly in this house:


With hindsight I have decided that the continuous and annoying unthreading was because of the fleece backing I was sewing, as opposed to the machine handler (of course). With this in mind I am considering unbanishing the sewing machine from the corner and having a go with the other material I bought at Alexandra Palace – the truth will out.



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