Mutant Baby Bootie


Here is my half-done giant, mutant, adult bootie. It may look a little crazy now, but you wait ’til I’ve sewn on a pom pom! Once the other bootie is complete, I shall (finally) have used up my stash of Rowan Biggy Print (100% merino wool). A Black Sheep Wools bargain from Alexandra Palace (Rowan down from £69.99 to £29.99!).


The rest of the Rowan went on a rather fetching pillow front. I shall show you a picture in a mo, partly to view the pillow but mainly to shame LouBug and her EPIC UNTIDY WAYS! I’m just in the middle of filling in the Channel 4 form to nominate her for “Hoarder’s Anonymous”/”How Cluttered Is My House?”/”I Have Issues With Throwing Things Out, Get Me Outta Here!” or some such awful day-time TV show.

Fear not, LouBug, I shall pack my Marigolds ready for our annual house-swap. When you return, it shall be minimalist chic! Now, where’s that phone number to order a skip…

Behold – the pillow (atop a handy box containing all known knitting projects – take note LouBug):


Below – LouBug’s clutter “solutions”


Very bad!

Anyway, back to the amazing giant adult booties. Just the other bootie and the two soles to go, shouldn’t take long what with Rowan Biggy Print being like knitting with rope on 12mm needles :-).



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