“My God, It Is Full Of Stars”


Extra geek points if you get the movie quote! [KnitWit: I just Googled it! Is it 2001 A Space Odyssey?]. The moment has finally come. There were many doubts it would ever come to pass. The scarf that cheated the “frog pond” for two whole years is finally done. I might cry a little in relief. I feel that an Oscar speech may be required.


Sweet mother of mercy, it has been a hard one to keep on with! Love for this project has had more twists and turns than a love triangle on Eastenders. For those unfamiliar with the techniques of double knitting (as opposed to DK yarn knitting), it is a technique that allows you to create double-sided colour work that has no visible floats. Think colour-work worked in the round but on straight needles. Whoever came up with the idea was a genius. A slightly evil, twisted genius.


It is a good technique; it uses less yarn than Fair-Isle would (as there are no floats), and the fabric is twice as thick making it a good thermal item. But. And there is (just like me) one hell of a BUT. It takes more than twice as long to do each row as every stitch is fiddley. There is no zoning out on this (as punishment for inattention is swift and horrific). There is no TV knitting. There is no talking to others. There is no swift progress. I did what I could to reduce the pain, stitch markers clearly marking out colour changes, counting “one and, two and” to reduce the chances of miss-placing those markers and a massively reduced expectation for what an hour of knitting should look like.


So, here it is! This was originally cast on well over two years ago (it has survived an impressive two “finish or frog Februarys) and has limped on with rows gradually stacking up. Every time it was dusted off, and another painful star added, it made it more difficult to frog it. The main problem is that it looks mighty fine, therefore there was no ground to frog. I did (however) re-set my expectations and decided that a scarf was foolish and snood was much nicer. This genius moment took the number of stars down from 15 to 8.


I am proud to say that I gathered enough momentum to actually finished 10 stars (as I realised that 8 was do-able but would be a bit short for purpose). It functions as a short jacket scarf as well as buttoning together to make a snood that could be reverse colour matched if I wanted.


Now I have finished, and the making pain is receding in a haze of happy finished product, I think this technique is worth doing again. To help this I have treated myself to the recently published “Knitting double” by Anja Belle, which has some good charts and some good ideas for projects.


Firstly though, I think I will have a little lay-down.



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  1. atangledyarn84
    Jul 09, 2014 @ 13:56:55

    We’ll done


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