Here they all are, my knitting projects bagged up ready to … knit! I’ve gone into full on nesting mode with the impending summer holidays. The only difference is that there is no new baby arriving, just my two old giant babies…for a whole 6 weeks.

Ideas Book


In hindsight I knew that my first son was due to be born. I’d done a huge supermarket shop on the spur of the moment and was busy cooking the whole lot and carefully storing it in freezer pots that I’d carefully purchased the week before. This is not normal behaviour – and surprise surprise, my eldest was born a few days later. I have that same feeling now…that feeling that I won’t be able to leave the house unhindered for the next 6 weeks, so anything that requires any effort or brain power HAD BETTER BE DONE NOW! QUICK! HURRY!

Plan #1


Plan #2


Anyway, assuming my brain will be mush as I am inhumanely bombarded with outings/requests/bum wiping duties I have lovingly chosen some nice easy knitting projects, collected the required yarn and needles and bagged them up. Fingers crossed I actually have time to knit the damn things…



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