It’s A Knitting Trap!


My ability to buy yarn is an open secret, but the amount I buy is a closely guarded secret (more people know my body weight than my actual, complete, all of it, none still hidden, yarn weight). This is directly linked to my ability to find yarn shops either through careful research or through spooky co-incidence.


It is a co-incidence that my dentist is located a couple of doors down from my main LYS (especially as I found my dentist by phoning around not by cold calling). It is a happy co-incidence as I don’t really like going to the dentist (who actually does?) but I can soften the blow with yarn.


But it is plain spooky that I found a new yarn shop in Long Melford (Suffolk) just by parking my car. Mr LouBug took this photo after stepping out of the car, exclaiming with spluttering horror and claiming conspiracy. I hadn’t even finished getting the sat nav away.


We went for a day trip deep into biscuit box country and decided to poke around the high street while there. Last summer there was a lovely little bead shop there (sadly gone but apparently still online) so I went with a bead buying plan. But after hunting for a space and eventually parking, I stepped out of the car and glanced over the road to see “The Woolpatch” shimmering at me.


It is a lovely little shop (delicatessen rather than supermarket) with a good stock of my favourite nibble – sock yarn! And what is better than sock yarn? Discount sock yarn! I managed to get 3 socks’ worth of yarn for the same cost as one ball of full price Regia. Happily, I have also found out (from my lovely knitter ladies) that it is 40 degree wash/felt proof and wears well (as I was paranoid cheap could equal dodgy).


So the real question is what does a knitter call “spidey senses”? “Yarn sniffing” just sounds a bit wrong, “sheep senses” also sounds odd. Perhaps it is more “dousing for yarn” (with your knitting fingers twitching the closer you get to a LYS)? Maybe we all have a small part of our brain fine-tuned to spot the signs of a yarn shop and then prod your motor-cortex into idly wandering in the right direction.

So next time Mr LouBug boggles at my yarn finding, I can say that it isn’t my fault. I am just wired/weird that way.



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